Everything began whit this trip… It was cold winter morning and we decided to go on a road trip to Gorski kotar. We took our equipment so we could film our adventure.

Gorski kotar is mountainous region in Croatia between Karlovac and Rijeka. It is often called the green lungs of Croatia or Croatian Switzerland. It is because 63% of its surface is forested. We visited canyon Kamačnik, Fužine, Omladinsko jezero and Lokve. At the entrance to the canyon are the remains of an old sawmill. The nature of the canyon is a beautiful natural lane with a lot of bridges that lead to the source of river Kamačnik. On our walk through the canyon we even found „Medina marinba“ or cave where bears sleep. We went to check it out but, luckily, there were no bears. 😀

Omladinsko jezero (also called Lokvarsko lake) is an artificial lake whose depth is about 40 meters. The lake was created in 1952. by the construction of a dam that stopped the Lokvarka river. People enjoy walking around the lake and in summer it is perfect for swimming. Interesting fact is that in this lake are caught some of the biggest trout in the world. 😀


It was a one day trip and we had a lot of fun filming this. It was very cold that day but we didn’t care because we enjoyed the beauty of nature. Everything was so peaceful. The only thing you could hear was the sound of snow crunching under your boots. This trip is really special to us because we made our first video as Mesmerized team. After it got big media attention here in Croatia, we decided to continue doing this.