Our first big trip as Mesmerized team was to Germany and Austria. It was four day long trip, we travelled by car and stayed at hotel in Fussen. We were really surprised how people in Germany are really friendly and polite. Every person you meet on your walk say hi to you. No matter they don’t know you.. And they are very active people, people of all ages ride bikes and walk a lot. Much more then here in Croatia. And now, here are some impressions from our trip. We visited many locations and went through almost all seasons, from winter to summer.

One of main attraction we visited was definitely Highline179. It is the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world. One of our crew members, Alen, faced his fears. He is afraid of heights and Highline extends at an altitude of 114 meters above the Ehrenburg castle. So it was fun watching him filming there. That day was really windy and foggy so it was scarier then it usually is. But we made it!

We were also really excited about Zugspitze. The Zugspitze is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany. It is also the border between Germany and Austria so on the top you can easily walk from Austria to Germany and vice versa. We came up there by cable car and had really nice lunch there with sight on beautiful mountains covered with snow. And it is surprisingly warm up there.

Neuschwanstein is definitely one of our favorite locations ever. We have been there before and we said that we’ll be back! We enjoyed the walk to Neuschweinstein bridge. It has one of the most wonderful sights on castle. Petar took one really dangerous walk to the canyon just to took a perfect photo of the castle. Luckily, he survived and got his photo. 😀 This time it wasn’t raining so we were able to climb on a little hill to have even better look on the castle. It was little steeply so this was also a challenge for Alen. 😀 Especially when we decided to take photos just near the cliff. We enjoyed the scenery for a while and then moved on. Neuschweinstein enchanted us again and we’ll definitely come back and third time.

We visited many lakes and one of them is Chiemsee, a freshwater lake in Bavaria. It is often called “the Bavarian Sea”. We went to two largest islands on the lake; Herreninsel and Frauenchiemsee. Herreninsel has a palace built by King Ludwig II in 1878 called Herrenchiemsee, which was never completed but was meant to be a replica of the Palace of Versailles. Frauenchiemsee, the smaller of the two main islands, houses a Benedictine nunnery, built in 782, as well as a small village.

On our trip in Germany and Austria we really saw all kinds of animals; cows, horses, ducks and alpacas. Yeah, you read it right, even ALPACAS! We were really suprised by that so we needed to stop to see them closely. It was really warm sunny day and they enjoyed their bath. It was really funny to see them like that. There weren’t really friendly, except one. That one was maybe a little too much friendly, she even came for kisses. That was a really cute scene. And they have really soft hair!

P.S. if you ask yourself where we had the energy for waking up in the morning and wondering around all day, secret is: great breakfest! Eggs, bacon and beans every morning. It really gives you strenght. Just look at the photos below and say it doesn’t look delicious. And for dessert –  blueberry muffins, we couldn’t get enough of those. 😀