Gorski Kotar Adventure really is an ADVENTURE! 😀 It’s a perfect place for everyone. Whether you want peaceful stay or an adventurous vacation. So here’s our story…

It was a Friday morning, around 7 am and we were travelling to Kozji vrh, little place in Gorski kotar situated near town Čabar. We forgot that it was working week and that people go to work that early so we got stuck in traffic jam. We were little frustrated but everything was easier with Despacito playing. Three hours later, we were finally there! Holiday house we stayed in looks amazing. It’s really spacious and it feels like a home. House has a spa & wellness, two things you really need for a perfect end of a day. 😛 Our hosts were the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They made sure we got everything we need, cooked amazing food for us and made us feel welcomed. Five stars for hospitality.

First place we went to visit was Milanov vrh (1011 m). This place is only 5 kilometers away from the house. There’s shelter for red and roe deer. It’s said that red deer and fallow deer can’t live together, but this places proves otherwise. 🙂

Gorski kotar is a natural habitat for bears, wolves and lynx. To see a lynx you have to be really lucky, but to see a bear it’s not uncommon. As Gorski kotar is getting more deserted, the natural habitat of animals is spreading. That’s why you can see bears and other animals around houses where people live. Not that far away from the house, we saw prints of bear claws in the mud. That bear claw was bigger then my hand. 😀 I secretly hoped to see one, but they can smell you from distance so we never saw one.

With hunter Željko we went on quite a journey. A place deep in the wood where he regularly feeds the bears and some other animals (wild boars, badgers, birds). It was a bumpy ride up to the hill. 😀 We had to stop two times because bears were probably playing and they left big rocks on the road. At the hill is feeder that automatically releases food for the animals. Hunter told us a funny story about a bear that figured out the system of the feeder. He decided not to wait and took the food by himself. Smart animal. There’s also camera with a sensor that takes photos everytime some animal passes. What’s amazing to me is the fact that 15 minutes before we arrived, bears were there eating. We left food for them, some briquettes fruits, and some chocolate. They need something sweet like us.:D

He showed us his bear stand. A little ”house” for bear watching. It’s not like a regular deer stand. This one’s more advanced. It has a chimney that goes high up so the bear can’t smell you. There’s a little bed inside so you can rest while waiting for the bear. When the bear comes you can hear him on headset  that increases the sound of surroundings. So you can  hear every little step on the outside. We tried them. I was inside and Alen was standing few meters from the stand. He was whispering so quietly that Tajana, who was standing right next to him, couldn’t understand what he said but I understood every single word. Pretty amazing.

On our way back we stopped next to deer again. This time we brought them some corn so they came up close to the fence. They ate from our hands. Your hand is really slobbery after that, but who cares, it’s still amazing. 😀

At the end of day we deserved some relaxation. And what is better for that then jacuzzi and sauna? 😉 Surprisingly, I really liked sauna. Although at first I was against it. It just didn’t sound attractive. But I proved myself wrong. 😀

Next day our first destination was source of river Kupa. Hour and a half of walk till there. The path is right next to the river so it was quite enjoyable and relaxing; the view, the sound of pounding water. The path goes through the wood so the temperature was perfect. Not too cold, not too warm. We stopped next to the bridge to take a few shots. I had to walk through the rocks in the water but they were slippery so guess what? I slipped and my whole shoe got wet. Oh well, it’s not the first time. Probably not the last either. 😀

We chilled by the bridge a little and continued our journey. Finally we were at the source. It looked really pretty. Beautiful turquoise color of the water with reflection of trees in it – amazing. And it’s so peaceful. Source is deep 154 meters. Well, actually it’s more, but this is the deepest anyone could come through. The canals are narrow and it’s hard to see down there so it’s been hard for the divers to investigate it more thoroughly. It’s still a mystery. Source of river Kupa is a beautiful place and you should definitely go to see it. You will enjoy the walk and nature.

The same day we went to viewpoint on Tropetarska stijena. You only need 10-15 minutes to get up there but it is so steep that we died a little. But we made it and it was worth it. The view iz amazing. Čabranka valley in the palm of your hand and mountains as far as you can see.

We also got the chance to see one of the largest European silver firs (Abies alba) in Croatia. It’s 220 years old, 41 meters high and it’s diameter is 126 centimeters. It proudly carries „Queen of the wood“ title.

At the end of the day we got a chance to hang out with horses. And not any horses. 😀 These horses participate in endurance ride that is usually 160 km long. We also got a chance to ride them which made me very happy. We got to ride horse named Thor. He is really obedient. It was really easy to ride him because of that. 😀 And next to our house there are two little ponies. We enjoyed feeding them with carrots. 🙂

We saved the hardest climbing for the last day. Top Risnjak – 1528 meters high. It took us about two hours to get to the mountain hut. The path from the hut to the top was really steep and narrow. The wind wasn’t of much help. Our asses froze on that wind.

But the view up here? Spectacular! We were mesmerized, pun intended. You could see whole Kvarner from up there. We spent two hours on that top just admiring the beauty of nature. And it’s so peaceful and calm. Except the wind, but we got passed that. I wanted to take a photo standing on the top of the rocks, but I couldn’t stand straight up because wind was blowing too hard. Even Alen had problems when flying drone. We thought the wind would crash him.

Want an adventure? Go visit Gorski Kotar Adventure. We enjoyed those 3 days we spent there. And as you can see, it was a active vacation. 😀 If you need to recharge your batteries, Gorski kotar is a perfect place for you. We hope this blog gave you a few ideas on where to spend your vacation. But there is so much more, believe us. We will definitely go back. And for the end, enjoy this beautiful sunset. 😉