Believe it or not, but the Hot Air Balloon Rally is a real thing! 😀 Second year in a row, Balloon Club Zagreb organized Balloon Rally in beautiful hilly Zagorje. It’s basically a unique festival dedicated to all balloon lovers, who have the opportunity to watch or take part in exciting balloon flights over Zagorje. 15 teams from the whole of Europe (our local ones with balloonists from Great Britain, The Netherlands, France and Slovenia) have been showing off their skills and making our sky prettier for four days.

Hot air balloons up in the air on the most attractive outdoor event in Croatia - Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally organized by Balloon Club Zagreb.

Few words about balloons

The hot air balloon is the first successful human-carrying flight technology. The activity of flying a hot air balloon is called hot air ballooning and is quite popular in the world. The first balloon flight in history happened in 1783 in Paris, France.  Hot air balloons are actually the safest aircraft that exist, but of course, you have to know what you are doing. They are often called „the gentle giants“ which describes them perfectly.

How do they fly? Their name actually says it all. They float in the air thanks to the hot air – the air trapped inside the balloon is heated up by a burner, making it less dense than the air outside.


Preparing "Zagorje" hor air balloon for flying.

Why should you go to Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally?

I’m going to give you a few reasons why you should visit this amazing event. So make sure that you’re in Croatia at the end of April-beginning of May so you don’t miss it.  😉

1. Stunning scene.

First of all, the main reason to visit is, of course, the stunning scene you’ll see above the hills of magical Zagorje. Especially if you come to see the morning flight. Then it really is magical with that first sunlight and a little bit of fog – priceless. But if you can’t come that early, don’t worry, afternoon flights are just as beautiful and afternoon you have some interesting activities organized, the ones that kids will especially love. 🙂

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This one deserves a repost! 🎈 Why? Because @croatia_hot_air_balloon is organizing a hot air balloon rally again! 🎉 15 teams from all over the world, hot air balloon races and night illuminations. It's one of the most attractive outdoor events in Croatia. 😊 This weekend! See you there! 😉 For more informations, check @croatia_hot_air_balloon page 😊 ~ Have you ever tried a hot air balloon ride? 😊 . . . . . . . . #croatiahotairballoonrally #balonklubzagreb #be_mesmerized #croatiafulloflife #fotka365 #croatiaweek #timeoutcroatia #earthoutdoors10k #fromwhereidrone #droneofficial #DroneOfTheDay #lensbible #TheIMAGED #thewanderco #rsa_outdoors #Tv_foggy #outdoortones #folkgood #vibesofvisuals #rsa_fog #crostagram #croatia_photography #putopis

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2. The beautiful event made for everyone

Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally seen from above.

This event is great for everyone, whether you’re young, old, a family with kids, couple, girl, boy… it doesn’t matter. Everyone can enjoy in beautiful sight and it’s also an opportunity to have a great time with your friends or family.

People watching Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally 2018.

The event is, of course, organized out in nature, on the fresh air. There is a playground for the youngest and everyone can enjoy a drink or refresh themselves with an ice cream.

People enjoying at Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally 2018.
TIP: Bring a blanket! 😉

3. Kids will definitely enjoy

As I mentioned before, this event can be really fun for the kids. Not only that they can see a lot of balloons flying in the sky, but they can also try being pilots themselves.

Little kid in a hot air balloon.

They can go in the balloon basket and have the opportunity to press a handle on the burner that directs the flame and is used for hot air balloon to fly. The pilot is with them in the basket the whole time so it’s perfectly safe. 🙂

Kids in a hot air balloon on Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally.

As part of the program, if the weather is good, it is organized for kids to go inside of the basket and pilots get them up few meters from the ground while the balloon is tightened for the ground with a rope. That way they can even experience a little bit of a flight. Sounds fun, right? 😉

Kid flying in a hot air ballon on Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally.

Kids can also compete in throwing the marker (it’s usually sand in the little bag) to the target (that huge X thing that you might have seen lying on the ground during hot air balloon competitions). And then they are like real competitors in balloon competitions. Except they throw it from the ground and not air. 😀 But it’s still fun and they can even win some cute prizes.

4. You learn something new

The cool thing is that you can also go inside of the hot air balloon. There, Igor Mikloušić – the pilot of Balloon Club Zagreb, will explain you everything you need to know about hot air balloons.

You can also ask any crew member whatever you want to know about balloons and they will happily answer on all your questions. And also, before every massive flight, you’ll hear a few informative words about what’s going on at the moment.

Igor Mikloušić, pilot of Balloon Club Zagreb, is answering on questions about hot air balloons at Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally.

5. Experience the night glow by these gentle giants

At the end of the event, you’ll be able to experience the magical night glow. Imagine this: few balloons lined up on the field, it’s night (of course it is since it’s called the night glow :D) and hot air balloons alternately glowing. It’s definitely something worth seeing and there are no words that will describe this perfectly so you better come next time so you don’t have to imagine it like this. 😀

This is just a little sneak peek of how it looks. 🙂

6. Instagram worthy

And one more reason to go: it’s definitely Instagram worthy. And we know how lately this reason is important for everything we do. 😉 This is your opportunity to make that perfect photo with all those hot air balloons up in the air. Just choose a perfect light, perfect angle and that’s it! 🙂

Hot air balloons getting ready to go up in the morning flight at Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally.

Hope to see you there next year! 😀

Bonus tip: If you need a place to stay while you’re visiting this event, we recommend you stay at Stara Škola. That’s actually a place where we and all the balloonists stayed. That way you’re actually always the first ones there since the event is mostly held at meadow behind Stara Škola. But that’s not all, you can even use 10% off the price on Booking if you use this link Just a small gift from us. 🙂