I can proudly say that our video „Visit Rovinj“ won an award on Zagreb TourFilm Festival 2018. It won second place in the Best Croatian Tourist Film category.

Alen Tkalčec at Zagreb TourFilm Festival 2018.

We are so grateful that the jury recognized our efforts and decided to give this award to us. This is the first award we ever won and we are extremely happy that „Visit Rovinj“ got it. It is one of the favorite ones. We also love the town Rovinj and were definitely mesmerized by it. It was impossible not to shoot that beauty and we had to show everyone why it is so magical. So our recommendation is: Visit Rovinj. 🙂

Main organizers of this festival, Balduči film and Zagreb Tourist Board, each year reward the best videos that promote tourism in any way and especially the ones that promote Croatia as a touristic destination. This year 807 movies from 91 countries were submitted to this festival. 263 of them were chosen for a further round of competition. The jury of 11 members is made of respectable Croatian and European experts and they chose the best ones.

Here’s the video if you still haven’t seen it 😉