First rally show ever. ✔️

First filming of rally show ever! ✔️

Here is the photo of us after the whole thing finished. We’re so clean. 😀

SUMMARY OF THE WHOLE EVENT: We were wet. Dirty. Tired. But extremely happy and full of an adrenaline rush.

If you can’t already tell, we enjoyed every second of it. Woke up really early so we can be there at 7 am, ready for the rally to start. It was about 100 cars in the competition and they all drove four rounds. The rain didn’t stop from the morning until evening. So, how did we film this?



As it was raining and we had a lot of expensive gear that can’t really be on the wet that long, we had to protect it. So, how did we do that? We used trash bags as raincoats for our cameras. Every camera had a custom made raincoat as one had a SmallHD monitor on it, one camera was on Ronin S, etc. So we prepared everything the night before.

We also took raincoats for ourselves but forgot to put them until the second race when we were already completely wet. 😀

This is how we do it. 😀


Does the drone work when it’s raining?

We planned so many drone shots and couldn’t make peace with the fact that we maybe won’t have any drone footage because of the rain. During the third and fourth round, the rain slightly decreased so we decided to take a chance and test it in these conditions. We can proudly say that our DJI Phantom 4 Pro passed the test! It still works. 😀 We had to take it down after almost every shot to clean the lenses from the raindrops, but it was definitely worth it. 😀



5 people + about 8 hours of filming = ~5 hours of footage.

Not bad for the first rally filming, huh? 😀

Make sure to check our final video and let us know what you think. 😊