Who are we?

We are Mesmerized.

Team of passionate and creative photographers and cinematographers based in Croatia.

We first started with Youtube channel where we would share videos from places we traveled to and later on it transformed into video production company. Now we do all sorts of video projects from tourism films, events, corporate videos, promotional videos, travel, animations, TV commercials and TV shows. We filmed all around the world: from tourism films all around Croatia to filming a TV show in China.

We are proud to say that our short film Visit Rovinj won an award for 2nd place as Best Croatian Tourism film at Zagreb Tour Film festival.



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Alen Tkalčec

Co-Founder, Cinematographer and Video Editor

Creating videos and traveling the world were always my greatest passion.
Fan of metal music, favorite band – In Flames.
I love to play video games, especially RPGs – my favorite is Witcher series.
In free time I watch TV shows and all the Marvel movies. Big fan of Marvel. DC not so much. But The Dark Knight triology is perfect.
Not a fan of spiders or any kind of bugs – they scare me a lot.
I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, some people find that strange. 🙂
Favorite treat: dark chocolate and pistachio ice cream – perfect combo.


visit Bali, walk on the Great Wall of China, Visit Iceland, see the Northern lights, get 10k instagram followers, see cherry blossoms in Japan, drive route 66, start my own business, fly in a hot air balloon, float in the Dead sea, travel in a camper van, go on a safari, jump from a cliff,  swim with sharks, fly in a helicopter, fly first class, go on a cruise, see the biggest trees on Earth,

Arijana Tkalčec

Co-Founder, Cinematographer and Social Media

23 years young. Studying journalism.
I run our social networks. Instagram is my favorite. I just enjoy interacting with people and creatives there. Hope that one day our Instagram will get big enough to make some positive change in the world.
„I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list“ – my favorite quote from which you can get that the thing I love the most is traveling. While traveling I also love trying new things and meeting new people. Number one thing I want to do right now is to jump from an airplane. Because I’m a huge fan of adrenaline stuff too. 🙂
Usually, I’m a night owl, except on travels. Then I love sunrise missions and have no problem with waking up.
You can say that I’m a sugar addict. I’m always craving for chocolate or anything sweet.
I also love animals. Like really love them. Whenever I see one, I’ll start to talk in a high-pitched voice and try to hold it (if possible) or at least pet it. Horses and dogs are my favorite.
What do I do in free time? Watch Netflix.

Petar Krešimir Furjan

Co-Founder, Photographer and Influencer

Youngest member of the team.
Carrying camera in his hands for as long as he knows about himself and now living his dream.
Spends every free moment enjoying in nature with friends and camera ofcourse.
Loves everything that young people love.
Still discovering himself and every know journey broadens his perspectives and interests.
Loves taking photos in RAW. 😀

Stjepan Dolenec

Cinematographer and Video Editor

Started as newspaper photographer, than television camera operator and now i just love doing my job.
In free time i love to ride motorcycle or watch movies. Cup of coffee is a must have in the morning 🙂
I am also big fan of sleeping and late night working.
Favorite qoute: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life