Cinque Terre, the famous colourful and most photographed place. When we started to plan this trip we didn’t know that it actually consists of five villages. Each one is special, unique and worth a visit.


Riomaggiore is the first stop on Cinque Terre visit, the most southern village and close to La Spezia. It is one of the Cinque Terre’s most romantic sights. The best view of the village is from the harbour. This is one of the bigger villages so if you plan to overnight in Cinque Terre, I recommend staying in Riomaggiore.


One of the smaller villages but with great vibes, usually the one on the postcards of Cinque Terre. This waterfront village is wrapped in vineyards. Punta Bonfiglio, a short uphill hike, has fabulous views of the village and there is a bar right next to it so you can relax and enjoy the view.


Quiet hilltop village known for its cooler temperatures, this is the only one without harbour. Built at the top of the hill it is surrounded by vineyards. This place doesn’t get that many tourist but if you are into hiking don’t miss this place. The views are amazing.


The most famous and popular of the villages. It is very similar to Manarola with a small harbour where you can either swim or relax with the views of the village. The hiking trail leads to a viewpoint for a panoramic view. Just follow the signs for Monterosso and you will the perfect view of the harbour.

This place had the best ice cream we ever tasted in Gelateria Il Porticciolo. It has some unusual flavours like Cinnamon, but I would recommend trying Lemon sorbet, made from their own lemons. Yum!


This is the only village with a proper beach and it gets very crowded over the summer. This is the furthest north of the villages and it’s very modern compared to the others. This village is also great to spend the night with many accommodations and restaurants.

Best Time to visit Cinque Terre

Through September and October is the best time to visit, temperatures are warm enough to even take a swim, and there are not that many tourists.

Another great time to visit if you are planning to hike and explore the surroundings is from March through May, again not many people visit it during this time.

High season is from June ’till August and this place gets super crowded.

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Best way to visit Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is reachable by car, train or bus. Adjust your transport depending on what time of the year are you visiting.

If you are visiting off season I recommend going by car. There are car parks near the centre and you can walk the rest of the path.

Also another great way to visit villages is by train. The villages are connected through tunnels, and the trains drive often.

If you are an adventurer you can hike from one village to another. There are pathways that lead right next to the coast so you can enjoy the view along the way.