Val d’Orcia represents Tuscany across the world: gently rolling hills, vineyards, cypresses, medieval hilltop picturesque towns and castles. It’s the perfect place for a road trip, catching sunrises and sunsets. Here are top things and spots you shouldn’t miss on your road trip through this beautiful place.

Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta

This is probably the postcard of Val d’Orcia. A tiny church at the top of a hill with cypress trees around it, field of Golden Dwarf Everlast flowers in front of it. Not many people come here for a sunrise, just some local photographers, so this is the perfect sunrise spot. The sun will rise just behind the chapel for a perfect postcard shot.


A visit through the town is a must – making your way uphill through its walls and along its streets. They will lead you way up to Piazza Grande. Get lost in the beautiful streets and its unique shops with handmade products.  

Indulge yourself with authentic Italian cuisine

You can’t get wrong with food in Tuscany. Everything is locally grown and homemade, from cheese, prosciuttos, hams, bread, olive oil and of course pasta. Try your picci, ravioli, fettuccini, tortellini or gnocchi. We fell in love with Italian cuisine and ate as much as we could.

Also, visit Pienza – home of the world famous Pecorino cheese.

Wine and olive oil tasting

Italy is well known for its olive oil, so we recommend olive oil tasting. Usually local wineries offer wine and olive oil tasting so be sure to join a tour. Olive oil and wine can be bought so it’s a perfect souvenir.  We did our tasting in restaurant La Casina, lovely owners and great food, we ended up buying olive oil for the whole family back home.

Cypress di Monticchiello

On your way to another hilltop town Monticchiello, you end up driving the curvy road with cypresses surrounding the road. When you get on top of the hill after it you’ll get a gorgeous view of that curvy road. Also another perfect sunrise spot.

Here is the exact location.

Agriturismo Baccoleno

Again, one of those postcard places. This is a private accommodations, so you can even stay here. This place gets pretty crowded for a sunset, many photographers come here to capture that golden hour. Just stop on the side of the road and climb a few steps to the hill. The view is breath taking and romantic.

Here is the exact location.

Just explore the lovely fields of Tuscany…

…you never know what will you found, maybe some hay fields, with farm animals, or maybe smooth fields of green. These pictures were taken at random spots we saw while just driving around. I would say that Tuscany was one of my favourite road trips ever, and would do it all over again!