Global pandemic of Covid-19 has stopped the world quite literally. We were forced to stay at home and cancel all our travel plans for 2020. For a few months it seemed that the situation is even getting worse. The people with the travel itch, like us, were eager to get out in the world.

In the beginning of June Italy has removed some of the travel restrictions imposed during the coronavirus lockdown meaning that residents and visitors alike can move freely throughout the country.

Since we live in Croatia, this was a perfect time for an Italy road trip. We visited top places: Lucca, Cinque Terre, Florence, San Gimignano, Siena and all those hilltop towns in Tuscany.

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It was a perfect time for that kind of a road trip, there were no tourist, and we were the only one there, there only people we saw were Italians on vacation.

We had Cinque Terre and Florence all for ourselves which before seemed impossible since those are the top tourist attractions. Imagine driving through city center and finding parking there – amazing.

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And what about safety? We actually felt safer in Italy than in Croatia. Everybody was wearing masks and keeping distance. There were no mass gatherings. When entering shops they would measure your temperature and in the restaurants everything was disinfected before sitting down.

It was a perfect, enjoyable road trip that we would recommend to anyone and everyone who has some doubt traveling during these times.

If you don’t know where to go and what to visit, look into your backyard. Every county is beautiful and this is a perfect opportunity to explore what your home country has to offer, I’m sure there are some hidden gems in your backyard.