If you are eager to get on a road trip that will leave you breathless and amazed, look no further! Start your road trip up north and work your way south. This guide will give you information on what places you shouldn’t miss on your Tuscan road trip, there are also some extra places that if you have time you should explore. So let’s get to it!

1. Lucca

Known for the well-preserved Renaissance walls encircling its historic city centre, Lucca is a great place in north Tuscany to start your road trip. This almost perfectly preserved town of medieval architecture and buildings, shows layers of history from every corner of its narrow streets. The central square, at the heart of the city, is in the shape of the Roman amphitheater.

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2. Pisa

You have to stop here and take one cheeky photo! Come early in the morning when there are no people, so you can get a perfect tourist shot of leaning tower of Pisa.

But that’s not the only thing to do in Pisa, when you’ve had your breakfast at Po’stò Cafè Pisa (which have tasty focaccia and pastry) visit the Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore. Locals come here for a morning run or horse ride. You can spot many wildlife here and they are super cute and not scared of people!

3. Florence

Florence is a beautiful city, that is actually capital of Tuscan region. With its rich history including the Medicis, Michelangelo, many movies and games are based here. Get lost in the city and enjoy proper Italian pizza!

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4. San Gimignano

San Gimignano, known as the city of beautiful towers, had 72 towers in its heyday. Now 14 remain overlooking Tuscan hills. The towers of San Gimignano were not just displays of wealth, they also represented the power of the families who built them. The taller the tower, the more important the owners appeared to be. This cute little town is a real gem that will win you over with lovely streets and simple food. Be sure to climb the ruins on the back of the city that will give you a spectacular view of the Tuscan hills.

Don’t miss Monteriggioni!
On your way from San Gimignano to Siena, stop in this beautiful medieval little town Monteriggioni. Only 20 min from Siena this city offers rich history and thick walls no one could tear down.

5. Siena

Siena is Italy’s loveliest medieval city, and a trip worth making even if you are in Tuscany for just a few days. It is distinguished by its medieval brick buildings and fan-shaped central square where you can just lay back, enjoy and take the city in. Have pasta in Il Cavallino Bianco, we had the best lunch here and the service went way and beyond for us.

6. Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia represents Tuscany across the world: gently rolling hills, vineyards, cypresses, medieval hilltop picturesque towns and castles. This is the perfect place to get lost and explore on the way.

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7. Saturnia

The natural Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany are visually striking and very relaxing. They are free and usually crowded as many people come here to relax. Visit it early in the morning when it’s not that crowded. Be advised – there are some red worms in the water so think twice before dipping in.

Day trip ideas!

Cinque Terre

When you are in Lucca, you should visit Cinque Terre. Only 1,5 hour drive from Lucca is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. It consists of five villages, Vernazza and Manarola being the most famous and picturesque one. A day trip should be enough to visit all of them.

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San Marino

Only 2,5 h from Florence and Siena, add this new country to your list! San Marino is one of the smallest and oldest countries in the world, completely surrounded by Italy. Built as a fort on top of the hill, it overlooks Adriatic see and you can also see all the way to Croatia. Guaita is one of three peaks which overlooks the city of San Marino, the capital of San Marino. The other two are De La Fratta and Montale.

Best time to visit Tuscany

Visit between April and June, and September and October. During these months’ temperatures are comfortable and there are fewer crowds. In summer months the temperatures are pretty high as well as crowds.

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Best way to travel through Tuscany

It’s by car definitely. You can also go camping in a van or camper. While driving through Tuscany you’ll have to randomly stop at least 3 times to admire the views this region has to offer. Gas stations are mostly self-serve, and the gas is actually cheaper if you self-serve. The toll prices are not that expensive, if you are on a tight schedule use highways, if not travel scenic routes, you’ll enjoy the views all the way and the time will pass in no time.