Robots are Human Tools

Gideon Brothers is developing the Autonomy Operating System (TM) that allows manually-operated machines to become self-driving robots.

Our first commercial application of the Autonomy Operating System (TM) is a pallet transport system that brings productivity gains to “old-school” logistics operations, currently enjoyed only by the likes (and budgets) of Amazon. Our robot can safely handle large pallets (up to 800 kg).

Producer/Story: Kimberly Račić, Head of B2B Marketing -> Kimberly’s LinkedIn:
Director, Cinematography, Edit, Sound: Alen Tkalčec, Stjepan Dolenec
VFX: Alan Kichl
Actors: T. Ivelić, B. Dvorščak, K. Jerabek
Music: Diana by ‘Sonic Architect’ Tony Anderson

Gideon Brothers

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