The Nine Arch Bridge also called the Bridge in the Sky, is a viaduct bridge in Sri Lanka. You shouldn’t miss this spot when visiting. So bring your comfy shoes, camera, a trusty companion and let’s get to business!

How to get there?

There are many ways you can reach Nine Arch Bridge: by foot, scooter or tuk tuk.

Come to railway station and just follow the tracks going north. When you reach the tunnel you are there! After the tunnel the bridge comes. I wouldn’t say this is the quickest way but it’s the easiest one.

For the quickest way you’ll have to pay around 300 LKR (~1.5 €) for a tuk tuk drive. Agree on the price beforehand. Tuk tuk will take the road following the tracks and will take you straight to the bridge.

If you’re an adventurer and love to explore things we highly recommend this path. Here is a map route to follow. When you reach Ella Flower Garden Resort turn left and follow the road till Nine Arch Bridge Road on the left. And as the street says, just follow it till the end. You’ll see signs that will guide you to bridge. As a bonus you’ll get an unique view of the bridge.

When does the train pass the bridge?

The train passes the bridge about 6 times a day. You can catch the blue one or the red one. The exact time changes all the time but you should have no trouble catching one. You can ask for the schedule at your hotels or the train station.

We would highly recommend to visit early in the morning, you’ll have the first two trains all for yourself, the 6 AM and 6:30 AM. Note that the train schedule changes so ask around for the exact time. There is a bigger crowd at the sunset so try to get the best of morning.

Picture spots!

Oh, there are so many of them! We loved this place so much that we spent there three mornings. You can take photos on the bridge, below the bridge at a little tea plantation, in the tunnel and on a viewpoint overlooking the bridge. If you are walking from the Ella station, when you pass the tunnel, turn right before the bridge and follow the path up. Another viewpoint is when you come the same way just cross the bridge, and at the end turn right up the path.
Be careful if you’re going below the bridge as there are huge nests of wasps.

You can also board the train at Ella railway station and go to Demodara. On your way there, you will cross the Nine Arch Bridge and can get awesome pictures. Hire a tuk tuk to drive you back to Ella.

Best time to visit

Go early in the morning for sunrise if possible! There are only a few people there and you’ll see local people going about their day. And the best part if you visit it early in the morning? You get the bridge all for yourself and get awesome pictures like this: